Competitive Advantage
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Maximize Our Value.

If you are a brand manufacturer, we could help you to turn your developing problem into products. NDA signed by our partners, keep your project confidential.
And if you are the machine shop, we could help you to turn your sourcing problem into business, more extended to win more business opportunities.

Qualified Overseas Resources

Expand your manufacturing options to Taiwan, China and other countries in Southeast Asia. STP is working extensively with a large number of factories and can connect you with the best resources to expand your business.

Quality Assurance

Satisfy customers, and perform quality management. Our ring plug gauges are inspected by authorized third parties regularly. (SGS, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre.)

Secure Copyright Concerns

Establishing non-disclosure agreements with our factories  provides absolute confidentiality regarding your copyrights and trademarked designs.

US Support To Get Out Time Zone Interference

Gives you an alternative to prevent time gap when needed; resulting in more convenient communications and ability for contact during your working hours.