Company Information
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Our Background
Solid Team Pacific Co., Ltd. (STP) is an O.E.M. specialist company originally founded in 1995 to provide detailed services of producing, sourcing, negotiating, inspecting, problem solving, etc. to many well-known global companies, manufacturers, and importers under direct or indirect arrangements.
Our headquarters are located in Taichung, Taiwan; and we also operate an office in Shenzhen, China for sourcing and inspection. We are working with more than a hundred co-operate factories in Taiwan and China. 

Our website is showing limited products/parts’ information. We can’t show our full line of products/parts on this website because we follow our customers’ requirements/drawings to make their products/parts. All of these products/parts are made exclusively for particular customers, so we don’t expose them on our website.
Manufacturing and Inspection
Our OEM business covers a variety of materials i.e. non-ferrous metal (copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.), ferrous metal, plastic, rubber, and more, as well as various of manufacturing ways i.e. turning, milling, casting, forging, injecting, investment casting, molding, stamping, etc.

STP sets up and performs straight inspection procedures by using in house gauges and precise inspection equipment or uses our factories’ testing and inspection equipment to ensure parts that are made qualify to customers’ specifications.
We have three professional engineers currently performing on-field inspection daily and making AutoCAD drawings.

We also work with co-operate professional drawing companies to make 3D drawings according to our customers’ print to allow our tooling sub-contractor to easily process new tooling. In addition, we can process prototype samples to save cost before finalizing the drawing for a customer’s new design.
In order to immediately solve and discuss urgent issues, it is welcome to use "contact us" at your preferred times in order to discuss something that can’t be clearly understood by e-mail. You can also contact Mr. Billy Ling who is located in the USA to provide immediate services to all our customers without time zone interference. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Sales and Service
Our current sales territory covers North American and South American countries. There are more than 1000 different OEM components being made in the aforementioned area. We are 100% responsible for every product shipped from STP. Cost competitiveness and efficient service are guaranteed.